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Build a Docker Image and push it to Docker Hub

This tutorial is aimed to show you how to build and push an image to the DockerHub repo. Let’s jump on the steps bellow.

In docker, Feb 21, 2021

Install Docker Compose On Ubuntu 19.04

–layout: posttitle: “How to install Docker Compose on Ubuntu 19.04”categories: [ docker ]image: assets/images/dockercom.jpgtags: [ docker, docker compose, ubuntu, linux ]—Installing ...

In Dec 15, 2019

How to install docker on Ubuntu 19.04

Following the steps below will let you realize that installing docker on Ubuntu 19.04 is not that hard as it seems, so let’s see how you can do it.

In docker, Dec 13, 2019

How to upload files to Azure Cloud Shell

As the name says, Azure Cloud Shell is a browser-accessible shell, which is used for managing Azure resources. It comes with two types of command shells Bash and PowerShell. It also g...

In azure, Nov 27, 2019

How to quickly create an Azure VM backup using the Azure CLI

In the last post, i was writing about taking Azure Virtual Machines disk snapshots, and why it’s not a good idea to replace backups with snapshots. For today’s post, i’ll write about ...

In azure, Nov 01, 2019

How to create a snapshot of an Azure VM using the Azure CLI

Snapshot is a popular term in the virtual storage world. Snapshots are a full, point-in-time copies of a system, mostly virtual machines disks, known as VHDs. We could use snapshots t...

In azure, Oct 30, 2019

How to easily Start, Stop, Restart or Delete Azure VMs

Managing Azure Virtual Machines through the Portal could be pretty straighforward. But, it requires multiple steps using the GUI. For example, you’ll have to login to the Portal first...

In azure, Oct 28, 2019

How to reset an Azure VM password

Losing and resetting passwords can be quite frustrating, especially if you are working as an IT guy, who have to reset passwords every day for other employees. The same thing could ha...

In azure, Oct 26, 2019

How to create and configure Azure Bastion

A bastion host, or also known as a Jumpbox, is a server which is exposed on the public (demilitarized zone) network for a special purpose. The bastion host is designed and configured ...

In azure, Oct 25, 2019

How to backup and restore an Azure SQL database using Azure CLI

You cannot think of a SQL Server Administration or any kind of a relational and non-relational database administration without the two magic words: backup and restore. Backing up a da...

In azure, Oct 17, 2019