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How to Backup and Restore a PostgreSQL Database

As an open-source database, PostgreSQL is in the top 3 most popularly used databases which offen can be find as a managed service offered by the public cloud giants. In one of the pre...

In PostgreSQL, Jul 09, 2021

How to copy files/folders to and from Docker Containers

There are situations when you need to copy files/folders from the container’s file system to the local machine or the reverse. You can achive that with Docker copy command. In this tu...

In Docker, Jul 08, 2021

How to fix kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908) on Mac

The first time you try to spin up a VM on Mac, you will probably go with VirtualBox as a Hypervisor, and honestly VBox is pretty good for beginners who just want to get the things don...

In Mac, Jul 07, 2021

How to install Docker Compose on Rocky Linux 8

Installing Docker Compose on Rocky Linux follows the same procedure as the other Linux distros. Firstly, you need to make sure that you have installed Docker on your Rocky Linux machine.

In Docker, Jul 06, 2021

How to install Docker on Rocky Linux 8

In the early December last year, RedHat took us all by suprise with the CentOS 8 End Of Life (EOL) announcement, that was scheduled for the end of 2021. In response to this, the origi...

In Docker, Jul 05, 2021

How to fix Docker login unknown shorthand flag error

In some of the previous posts I’ve covered the Authorization token method when authenticating to an AWS ECR private registry. If you have followed the steps as described in the post y...

In Docker, AWS, Jul 03, 2021

How to install Terraform on Rocky Linux

Finally, there is a replacement on the CentOS distro. The fresh and new Rocky Linux will replace the Centos, so the Centos team announces that they are going to focus on the CentOS St...

In Terraform, Jul 02, 2021

How to refresh AWS ECR authorization token

AWS ECR is a managed container registry which allows us to store, manage and deploy container images, mostly Docker images. Similar to Docker Hub, ECR supports two types of registries...

In AWS, Jul 01, 2021

How to resolve AWS Elasticsearch cluster in red or yellow state

Understanding the ES cluster status state is crucial, when it comes to ES troubleshooting. If your role is to keep ES cluster healthy then you have to understand all the three states ...

In AWS, Jun 30, 2021

How to list S3 bucket size from the command line

AWS S3 as a service is pretty cheap and probably the most popular one among the rest of the cloud object storage services. S3 is most often used as a database backup storage, log stor...

In AWS, Jun 29, 2021