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Push Docker Images to Azure Container Registry using Azure CLI

Mar 07, 2021 · 2 mins read · Post a comment
Push Docker Images to Azure Container Registry using Azure CLI

Azure Container Registry is a private container registry where you can upload and manage your Docker and Open Container Initiative (OCI) images. At the time of writing, the cost of the basic ACR tier including 10GiB storage is 5$ per month.


  • Azure account
  • Azure CLI

Create an Azure Container Registry

Step 1. Open Terminal and login to the Azure Portal:

az login

It will open a new window using the default browser where you will be prompted for email and password.

Step 2. Create a resource group:

az group create --name "rg-container-registry-test-001" --location westeurope

Step 3. Create a container registry in the resource group that we’ve just created:

az acr create --resource-group "rg-container-registry-test-001" --name "acrdevcoopstest001" --location westeurope --sku Basic --admin-enabled true


  • --resource-group: name of the resource group.
  • --name: name of the container registry.
  • --location: location of the acr service.
  • --sku: the SKU of the container registry.
  • --admin-enabled: enable admin user for testing purposes only.

Step 4. Login to the Azure Container Registry:

az acr login --name "acrdevcoopstest001"

It should display message: Login Succeeded

Step 5. The Docker Image needs to be tagged with the ACR’s loginServer name, so let’s query it:

az acr list --resource-group "rg-container-registry-test-001" --query "[].{acrLoginServer:loginServer}" --output table



Step 6. Now, tag your Docker Image:

docker tag mytestimage

Step 7. Push Docker Image to Azure Container Registry:

docker push

Step 8. List Docker Images in the registry:

az acr list --resource-group "rg-container-registry-test-001" --output table


| NAME               | RESOURCE GROUP                 | LOCATION   | SKU   | LOGIN SERVER                  | CREATION DATE        | ADMIN ENABLED |
| ------------------ | ------------------------------ | --------   | ----- | ----------------------------- | -------------------- | ------------- |
| acrdevcoopstest001 | rg-container-registry-test-001 | westeurope | Basic | | 2021-03-07T15:11:37Z | True          |


Step 9. Delete the Azure Container Registry:

az acr delete --resource-group "rg-container-registry-test-001" --name "acrdevcoopstest001"

Step 10. Delete the resource group:

az group delete --name "rg-container-registry-test-001"


If you are working with container services on the Azure Cloud, then Azure Container Registry is the perfect solution for storing and managing container images.