Configure Docker logging driver with Grafana Loki

Apr 06, 2022 · 1 min read · Post a comment
Configure Docker logging driver with Grafana Loki

Grafana Loki is a log aggregation tool inspired by Prometheus, or simply put Prometheus for logs. In this tutorial I’m gonna show you how to install and configure the Loki logging driver in Docker.


  • Docker
  • Grafana Loki


Step 1. Install the loki docker plugin.

docker plugin install grafana/loki-docker-driver:latest --alias loki --grant-all-permissions

Step 2. Verify installation.

docker plugin ls

Example output:

ID             NAME          DESCRIPTION           ENABLED
1e87f2ea1a08   loki:latest   Loki Logging Driver   true

Step 3. Configure the Loki logging driver to be the default for all Docker containers. Open or create the /etc/docker/daemon.json file first.

Step 4. Add the following code block:

    "log-driver": "loki",
    "log-opts": {
        "loki-url": "https://<user_id>:<password>@<loki_endpoint>/loki/api/v1/push",
        "loki-batch-size": "400"

Step 5. Restart the Docker service.

systemctl restart docker


Official Docker Driver Client from Grafana Loki documentation.
On a side note, follow our official channel on Telegram.