How to enable second level quota on OpenVZ

Mar 22, 2022 · 1 min read · Post a comment

The second level quota, commonly used per-user and per-group is a virtualization thing that allows the VS admin to limit the amount of free disk space and potentially can restrict the number of inodes that users and groups can use within the VPS. This tutorial will help you to enable second level quota on OpenVZ virtualization.


  • OpenVZ VMs
  • sudo privileges


Step 1. Ssh into the node and stop the VM.

vzctl stop VMID

Step 2. To enable the second level quota, run:

vzctl set VMID --quotaugidlimit 1000 --save

Step 3. Start the VM.

vzctl start VMID

Step 4. If you have cPanel installed on the node and you want to check the quota inside the VM, run:



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