The proper way to copy Git commit from one branch to another

Oct 09, 2022 · 1 min read · Post a comment

If you are asking yourself how to copy changes from one branch to another, you are probably in the right place. Many posts out there suggest a git merge or git rebase which is also fine, but not the proper way if you ask me.


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Step 1. As with the rest of mine Git tutorials first find the commit ID (hash) you want to copy from by using my personal favorite command: git log. Or just scroll down the GitHub history.

Step 2. Checkout the branch which you want to “paste” the commit. For instance:

git checkout main

Step 3. Apply the commit:

git cherry-pick <commit-SHA1>

The command (cherry-pick) creates a new commit unless you pass the --no-commit option. Cherry picking commits in Git.


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