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How to install Nomad on Amazon Linux 2

Oct 13, 2021 · 1 min read · Post a comment

Working with popular orchestration application services like Kubernetes and ECS is not that easy as it seems when it comes to scaling the app, deployments, and managing the resources by yourself. Investing time in Nomad will ease your life, why? Because Nomad is a simple and lightweight orchestration tool that is suited and can be simply integrated with your existing services, either way on-premises or cloud depending on your current setup. You can scale your app without the complexity, the deployments are simplified as well, and last but not least, there is a native Terraform, Consul and Vault integration since they all are HashiCorp proprietary product.


  • Amazon Linux 2
  • sudo privileges

Install Nomad on AWS EC2 Amazon Linux 2 instance

Step 1. The usual thing is to update system packages.

sudo yum update

Step 2. Install confirm-manager.

sudo yum install yum-utils

Step 3. Add HashiCorp official repo.

sudo yum-config-manager --add-repo

Step 4. Install Nomad.

sudo yum install nomad

Step 5. Once the installation is done, you can make sure that Nomad is installed, so check the current version.

nomad --version


Nomad v1.1.6 (b83d623fb5ff475d5e40df21e9e7a61834071078)


If you are currently using Nomad whether it’s on cloud or on-premises please share some thoughts and tell us more about your satisfaction. Feel free to leave a comment below and if you find this tutorial useful, follow our official channel on Telegram.