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How to Install Redis on Ubuntu 22.04

Jan 04, 2023 · 1 min read · Post a comment

As the need for application caching is ramping up, Redis is getting more and more used. That’s why I decided to show you how to install Redis on Ubuntu 22.04.


  • Ubuntu 22.04
  • sudo privileges

Install Redis on Ubuntu 22.04

Step 1. Update the packages.

sudo apt update

Step 2. Install Redis.

sudo apt install redis-server

Step 3. Open the redis.conf and set supervised to use systemd.

sudo nano /etc/redis/redis.conf

# Note: these supervision methods only signal "process is ready."
#       They do not enable continuous liveness pings back to your supervisor.
supervised systemd

Step 4. Restart the Redis service.

sudo systemctl restart redis.service

Step 5. Verify the installation.



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