Install Skype on Mac

Oct 31, 2021 · 1 min read · Post a comment
Install Skype on Mac

Skype as a world-known VoIP based software can be installed in multiple ways on Mac. Today I’m going to pick up one of the preferable ways of doing it, which is the easiest and the quickest way as well, through brew.


  • Homebrew


Step 1. The first step is to update brew.

brew update

Step 2. To install Skype on Mac, run:

brew install --cask skype

Step 3. Once the installation is done open the Launchpad and search for skype. img


As I mentioned previously the installation is quick and easy and can be achieved in 3 steps. Feel free to leave a comment below and if you find this tutorial useful, follow our official channel on Telegram.