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Install sshpass on Alpine Linux

Jan 12, 2023 · 1 min read · Post a comment

Since the sshpass is a part of the apk default packages you don’t have to install OpenSSH to get sshpass. Let’s keep it to the simple things and see the best way to install sshpass on Alpine Linux.


  • Alpine Linux
  • sudo privileges

Install sshpass on Alpine Linux

Step 1. Let’s update the apk packages.

sudo apk update

Step 2. Install sshpass.

sudo apk add sshpass

Step 3. Verify the installation.

sshpass -h


Usage: sshpass [-f|-d|-p|-e] [-hV] command parameters
   -f filename   Take password to use from file
   -d number     Use number as file descriptor for getting password
   -p password   Provide password as argument (security unwise)
   -e            Password is passed as env-var "SSHPASS"
   With no parameters - password will be taken from stdin

   -P prompt     Which string should sshpass search for to detect a password prompt
   -v            Be verbose about what you're doing
   -h            Show help (this screen)
   -V            Print version information
At most one of -f, -d, -p or -e should be used


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