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Install Zip and Unzip on CentOS 9 Stream

Sep 04, 2022 · 1 min read · Post a comment

Reducing the file size can be achieved with a lot of archive tools. One of them is zip who comes with a separate unzip package if you want to extract the file. Let’s see how to install zip and unzip on CentOS 9 Stream.


  • CentOS 9 Stream
  • sudo privileges

Install Zip on CentOS 9 Stream

Step 1. As always update the CentOS 9 packages.

sudo dnf update

Step 2. Install Zip.

sudo dnf install zip

Step 3. Verify the installation.

zip -h

Install Unzip on CentOS 9 Stream

Step 1. Install Unzip.

sudo dnf install unzip

Step 2. Verify the installation.

unzip -h


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