Merging two or multiple Git repos

Oct 21, 2022 · 1 min read · Post a comment

Here’s a fun Git exercise you could try if you have few multiple repos to spare. Try to merge two or more repos in a single git repository. It’s quite easy if you don’t care about the Git commit history at all.

Let’s take two Git repos as an example: repo App1 and repo App2. What we want to achieve is to merge repo App2 into App1.


  • Git


Step 1. Clone the App1 repo if you haven’t done already and cd into the working directory.

git clone [email protected]:devcoops/app1.git && cd app1

Step 2. Add the remote URL of repo App2.

git remote add -f app2 [email protected]:devcoops/app2.git

Step 3. Verify Git remotes.

git remote -v

Step 4. Fetch App2.

git fetch app2

Step 5. Now merge whatever branch you want to merge. Let’s take the main branch for instance.

git merge app2/main --allow-unrelated-histories

Step 6. Last but not least, confirm the merge by listing the Git commits.

git log


  • --allow-unrelated-histories is a must since you’ll most probably run into the following error: Fatal: refusing to merge unrelated histories.
  • Merge conflicts could appear if you have files with identical names under the same directory path.


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