mtime timestamp and the 24h period simplified

Nov 23, 2021 · 1 min read · Post a comment

For those who might be questioning, mtime or short for modified timestamp, is a Linux file timestamp which usually goes hand in hand with the find command in the most common scenarios, including finding and removing files or backups older than n days. At first, it seems pretty straightforward to use, but there are few gotchas when trying to find files before, after and in between the 24h period of time.


  • Shell environment


Get files modified in the last 24h:

find / -mtime 0


find / -mtime -1

Get files modified more than 24h:

find / -mtime +0

Get files modified between 24h and 48h:

find / -mtime 1

Get files modified more than 48h:

find / -mtime +1


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