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Find non-ASCII characters in Windows (Notepad++)

May 30, 2022 · 1 min read · Post a comment

ASCII being a character encoding standard presents a part of UTF-8. PowerShell would be a great option here but for the sake of complexity I’ll show you how to do it in Notepad++ instead. In case you are looking for the other OS-related posts go to:


  • Notepad++


Step 1. Open Notepad++.

Step 2. Paste the code you want to find and get rid of the non-ASCII characters.

Step 3. Click SearchFind.

Step 4. Insert the following expression:


Step 5. Select Regular expression under Search Mode.

Step 6. Now, replace them, remove them whatever rows your boat.

Alternative solution

Step 1. Open Notepad++ and click ViewShow symbolsShow All Characters.


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