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Generate SHA512 password hash with a salt from the CLI

Personally, the only time I’ve been generating a SHA512 password hashes was when I was working with ansible.builtin.user module, simply because I needed to commit a password hash for ...

In Linux, Apr 26, 2022

Install Docker Compose on Amazon Linux 2

Installing the latest version of Docker Compose on Amazon Linux 2 is a pretty simple and straightforward process if Docker is installed previously. Let’s see the steps needed.

In Docker, AWS, Amazon Linux 2, Apr 25, 2022

Nginx and 'using inherited sockets' notice

If you have been debugging and digging into the Nginx logs, you might have stumbled upon the following notice log message:2022/03/10 06:04:32 [notice] 31447#31447: using inherited soc...

In Nginx, Apr 24, 2022

Install Screen on Amazon Linux 2

Screen is a Linux utility that allows you to run and use multiple shell sessions from a single SSH session. It’s commonly used for migrating a bunch of data through an SSH connection....

In Screen, AWS, Amazon Linux 2, Apr 23, 2022

Resolve pip install connection error: ceritificate validate failed

In one of my previous pip posts I wrote about how to Resolve pip install package_name error: Couldn’t find a version that satisfies the requirement, and today we are going to fix anot...

In Python, Apr 22, 2022

Install Redis on Amazon Linux 2

Redis CLI is a useful Terminal program that allows you to execute Redis commands, either on your local Redis or some remote Redis endpoint. Here I’m going to show you how to install R...

In Redis, AWS, Amazon Linux 2, Apr 21, 2022

Resolve Docker's 'Version in docker-compose.yml is unsupported' error

Let’s take a look at the not so common Docker Compose error:"Configuration error - Version in "./docker-compose.yml" is unsupported.You might be seeing this error because you're using...

In Docker, Apr 20, 2022

Install SCP on Amazon Linux 2

SCP is one of the most common tool for transferring files between remote and local machines. It can be also used for moving files or directories within the same machine. It uses a min...

In SCP, AWS, Amazon Linux 2, Apr 19, 2022

How to checkout Git pull requests

Checking out Git PRs on your local machine it’s not so uncommon practice, especially if you want to test things out before they are merged into the main branch or any other branch tha...

In Git, Apr 18, 2022

Install Rsync on Amazon Linux 2

Sending files, and directories remotely can be achieved with a lot of utility tools. One of them is Rsync, which is a cool tool for remote transfer. Let’s see how to install it on Ama...

In Rsync, AWS, Amazon Linux 2, Apr 17, 2022