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Send Slack notifications from a Bash script

Slack is one of the most popular and used messaging apps by companies of any kind of business size, from small companies and startups to large enterprises. From DevOps point of view, ...

In Slack, Webhooks, Jan 06, 2022

Add jq and curl to an Alpine Docker image

The official Alpine Docker image doesn’t contain jq and curl by default. If you need to parse some JSON content or perform some curl checks, you can add them in the Dockerfile that’s ...

In Docker, Alpine Linux, Jan 05, 2022

Create AWS IAM User Login Profile with PGP encrypted password in Terraform

Managing and deploying AWS IAM User Login Profiles in Terraform requires a base-64 encoded PGP public key or a Keybase, as stated in the official documentation. But, there is no info ...

In Terraform, AWS, Jan 04, 2022

Install dig and nslookup on Alpine Linux

Deploying docker containers based on alpine images or using alpine on your server is always a good idea as it’s a small, simple Linux OS. But if you want to perform some DNS checks yo...

In DNS, Alpine Linux, Jan 03, 2022

Resolve AWS SSM plugin with name Standard_Stream not found

AWS SSM is a nice feature if you don’t want to deal with the majority of the SSH issues along the way. Today’s topic is all about resolving the:SessionId: devcoops-<some_string>...

In AWS, Jan 02, 2022

Change WordPress domain URL through WP-CLI

While migrating your WordPress site or syncing the production database with staging you need to change the domain URL from the database. Instead of crawling within the WP databases, I...

In WordPress, Jan 01, 2022

Install Podman on Windows 11

The installation guide for running Podman on Windows 11 follows the same idea as Install Docker on Windows 11 without Docker Desktop.

In Podman, Windows 11, Dec 31, 2021

Associate AWS VPC with a private hosted zone

Working with multiple AWS accounts can lead to timeouts between the different account services. Behind the VPC peering and the routing table connection, a very important thing is to s...

In AWS, Dec 30, 2021

Decrypt iam_user_login_profile password in Terraform

It’s almost always not a good idea to decrypt aws_iam_user_login_profile password to Terraform output since there are better approaches, which will not be covered in this topic today....

In Terraform, Dec 29, 2021

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in Apache

Securing your website by setting redirect from HTTP to HTTPS in Apache can be achieved easily if your SSL/TLS certificate is generated and ready to use. It can be done using a virtual...

In Apache, HTTP, Dec 28, 2021