Set / unset number lines in Vim

Dec 28, 2022 · 1 min read · Post a comment

Vim, the most loved and hated, controversial text editor ever. As a fellow normie, second best editor in my book, behind VSCode of course. Along with 5 other basic commands that I’ve only known in 5 years of using Vim, here’s tip on how to set and unset the number lines.


  • Vim


turn on / off number lines

Step 1. Open Vim.

Step 2. Show line numbers by running the following commands in order:

  1. Press the ESC button (Normal mode).
  2. Type: :set number or :set nu.

Step 3. To turn them off, run: :set nonumber, or :set nu!.

enable / disable relative number lines

Enable relative number lines: :set relativenumber, or :set rnu.

Disable relative number lines: :set norelativenumber, or :set nornu.

set line number width by N columns

:set numberwidth=5

Default value: 8. Min value: 1. Max value: 10.

set / unset line number permanently

Set line number permanently: echo "set number" >> ~/.vimrc.

To unset line number permanently just update the line to set nonumber. If you have them both, nonumber setting will prevail.

open file at a specific line

vim +47

list current Vim settings

:set all


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