'Invalid character encoding' error in Terraform

Jun 19, 2022 · 1 min read · Post a comment

Another ez solution as part of the Terraform issue series. This time being the following one:

│ Error: Invalid character encoding
│   on providers.tf line 1:
│    1: ��provider "aws" {
│ All input files must be UTF-8 encoded. Ensure that UTF-8 encoding is selected in your editor.


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Since you are having non-UTF-8 encoded character(s), it’s kind of a straight to the point solution. If you are working in VS Code, there is an Encoding option located in the bottom bar – the Status Bar.

Step 1. Copy the code from whatever encoding it is right now and make sure to paste it in a new UTF-8 encoded tab.

Step 2. Clear any code from the previous non-UTF-8 encoding tab.

Step 3. Click on the bottom Status Bar encoding option. vscode status bar

Note(s): As you could see the current encoding is UTF-16 LE.

Step 4. Click Reopen with Encoding.
vscode reopen encoding

Step 5. Select UTF-8 from the list.
vscode encoding list

Step 6. Remove any weird leftover character, copy and paste the code back from the UTF-8 encoding tab and save the file.

If you are working with any other IDE besides VSCode, just google on how to update the encoding.

On a side note, check for any non-ASCII chars.


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