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About Git orphan branches and their use cases

Orphan branches in Git are rare as hens’ teeth though I’m writing from my personal experience. What, how and why are created orphaned branches will be the topics for today.

In Git, Oct 05, 2022

Fix 'illegal_argument_exception at shard' Elasticsearch error

Playing around with an existing ES cluster, I stumbled upon the following issue:Typeillegal_argument_exceptionReasonField [...] of type [text] does not support custom formatsHere I’m ...

In Elasticsearch, Oct 04, 2022

About deleting your Git repo commit history

Removing things has been my favorite topic to write about. Pushing any sensitive information as part of a Git commit or starting from scratch could be arguably enough reasons to remov...

In Git, Oct 04, 2022

Create a Git branch from an existing commit

This post will be all about on how you could create a new Git branch from a previous commit. As everything with Git, there are multiple ways to do so.

In Git, Oct 03, 2022

Install Podman on CentOS 9 Stream

If you are digging on Google for a Docker replacement most likely you will end up with Podman. The installation of Podman on CentOS 9 Stream is very simple and straightforward.

In Podman, CentOS, Oct 02, 2022

Checkout a specific Git commit

Checking out a Git commit is a common practice mostly used for troubleshooting purposes.

In Git, Oct 02, 2022

git revert a merge commit

Undoing operations in Git is often an underrated feature. Merging code that wasn’t meant to be merged (yet) is something that could happen to all of us. To be honest, we’ve all been t...

In Git, Oct 01, 2022

Install Caddy on Alpine Linux

Since Caddy exists as an Alpine package then the installation will be much easier. Let’s go to install Caddy on Alpine Linux.

In Caddy, Alpine Linux, Sep 30, 2022

Git: HEAD^ vs HEAD~

Git HEAD is usually defined as the most recent commit on your current working branch. There are more than one “HEAD” variations which are going to be topic for this post.

In Git, Sep 29, 2022

Install Go on Alpine Linux

If you need a minimalistic docker image for building Go projects that’s definitely Alpine Linux. The aim here is to show you how to install Go on Alpine Linux.

In Go, Alpine Linux, Sep 28, 2022