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"Error ensuring Resource Providers are registered" in Terraform Azure

Terraform Azure is pretty much a stable, mature provider. However, there are few errors that could occur for some “random” reason, and this time Error ensuring Resource Providers are ...

In Terraform, Azure, Jan 29, 2023

Install PHP PDO on Amazon Linux 2

If your app is PHP based and you need to establish a database connection, you will need to have a PHP PDO extension. Let’s install the PHP PDO extension on Amazon Linux 2.

In AWS, Amazon Linux 2, Jan 28, 2023

How to stop a cloud_sql_proxy connection

GCP has this cloud_sql_proxy tool that provides conceivably secure connection to your Cloud SQL instances, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL, whatever it might be the case. Think of it as an aut...

In GCP, Cloud SQL, Jan 27, 2023

Install PHP Curl on Amazon Linux 2

As a PHP Developer, you might need to send or receive files over HTTP. With the PHP Curl module, you can even use proxies or pass data over SSL connections. Let’s see how to install t...

In AWS, Amazon Linux 2, Jan 26, 2023

Update system timezone on Linux cloud VMs

Listing, updating and changing the system timezone in Linux servers are important operations mostly when dealing with scheduling tasks, cronjobs. In today’s post-VPS age, timezones sh...

In Linux, Jan 25, 2023

How to Associate Elastic IP to an EC2 instance

If you have allocated an Elastic IP already and you want to associate with one of your EC2 instances, the procedure can be done in a few steps. Let’s take a look on how to associate E...

In AWS, Amazon Linux 2, Jan 24, 2023

NFS mounting in /etc/fstab and verification

Using the mount command to mount a NFS disk is a good test practice. Sure, but on the next system reboot, the disk will “magically disappear”. That’s why we need to write the mount co...

In Linux, NFS, Jan 23, 2023

Install PHP CGI on Amazon Linux 2

If you want to use the PHP interpreter through CGI mode but you don’t have CGI extension installed, here I will show you how to install PHP CGI on Amazon Linux 2.

In AWS, Amazon Linux 2, Jan 22, 2023

GCP Filestore error: "mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock"

GCP Filestore is a managed file storage, the competitor equivalents being: AWS’s EFS and Azure Files. While following the great GCP documentation on how to mount the Filestore NFS man...

In GCP, Linux, NFS, Jan 21, 2023

Install php-common on Amazon Linux 2

If you get The common extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration that means that you need to install php-common extension. The installation is very simple since you hav...

In AWS, Amazon Linux 2, Jan 20, 2023