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Modify Nginx load order

In Nginx, the configuration files are loaded in a specific order by default. However, you can modify the load order to customize the behavior of the server.

In Nginx, May 09, 2023

How to Install Python on Ubuntu 23.04

Nowadays Python is widely used for various purposes such as web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and more. Here are the steps to install Python on Ubuntu 23.04.

In Python, May 08, 2023

Nginx server blocks processing order of priority

In the previous post Multiple ways to test a Nginx location match I wrote about how to test the location match but here’s the thing. You need to know the order first before testing an...

In Nginx, May 07, 2023

How to Install Terraform on Ubuntu 23.04

Installing Terraform on Ubuntu 23.04 follows the same process as the other Debian-based distros. Let’s jump on the installation part.

In Terraform, May 06, 2023

Multiple ways to test a Nginx location match

Testing a Nginx location and order of server blocks is a challenge when dealing with various, complicated config files. So, here are few ways you could try to validate the location ma...

In Nginx, May 05, 2023

How to Install Ansible on Ubuntu 23.04

To install Ansible on Ubuntu 23.04 you need to configure the PPA on your Ubuntu system and then install Ansible. Let’s check the installation part.

In Ansible, May 04, 2023

Map a single file into a Docker container

Whenever you try to map a single file into a container you might get a directory instead. Generally, this happens because of a host path being probably not valid or absolute. So, here...

In Docker, May 03, 2023

How to Install Nginx on Ubuntu 23.04

Nginx can be easily installed on Ubuntu 23.04. Let’s jump on the installation part.

In Nginx, May 02, 2023

Export docker stats to a file

Exporting containers resource usage data to a file for a later debugging session is a good thing to have, as you don’t want to get SSH timeout-ed. So, here’s how to export Docker cont...

In Docker, May 01, 2023

How to Install Docker Compose on Ubuntu 23.04

To install Docker Compose on Ubuntu 23.04, you can either set up Docker’s repository on your Ubuntu system or install Compose manually. Here I will show you how to install the standal...

In Docker, Apr 30, 2023