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The proper way to delete a Git repository

Besides automation, running rm -rf against directories is my second to none thing to do as a DevOps engineer. And this is exactly how you could easily remove a Git repository.

In Git, Sep 17, 2022

Install Nano on Alpine Linux

If you are a nano fan and you are struggling to edit some config files with vim, then definitely you need to install nano. Let’s see how to install nano on Alpine Linux.

In Utilities, Alpine Linux, Sep 16, 2022

Git: HEAD vs working tree vs index

Here’s a Git interview question: “What’s the difference between HEAD, working tree and index in Git?”. First, we need to understand the usual Git workflow:| Working tree | Staging are...

In Git, Sep 15, 2022

Install Htop on Alpine Linux

Htop provides you to track the machine processes and to be aware of your CPU and Memory load. Today I will show you how to install htop on Alpine Linux.

In Utilities, Alpine Linux, Sep 14, 2022

git restore vs reset vs revert vs rebase

Time to compare yet another somehow confusing Git commands. This time being restore, reset, revert and rebase. Obviously, I won’t be doing a deep dive, and I’ll try to be as plain as ...

In Git, Sep 13, 2022

Install Netstat on Alpine Linux

Netstat is a useful tool if you want to troubleshoot or display network related information. You can list all the open connections, open socket, ports, etc… Let me show you how to ins...

In Utilities, Alpine Linux, Sep 12, 2022

Cherry picking commits in Git

Cherry-picking in Git is all about choosing, picking and applying commit from any branch to the current HEAD branch. This is done using the git cherry-pick command. Let’s dive a bit i...

In Git, Sep 11, 2022

Install Unbuffer on CentOS 9 Stream

The procedure of installing unbuffer on CentOS 9 Stream is pretty much the same as the other RHEL distros. Let’s jump on the installation steps.

In Utilities, CentOS, Sep 10, 2022

git fetch vs git pull

Two oddly confusing Git commands for beginners – git fetch and git pull used on a daily basis. I’ll try to describe them broadly and get to know how and when to use both of them.

In Git, Sep 09, 2022

Install Unbuffer on Alpine Linux

Getting rid of the output buffering using pipelines can be achieved using the unbuffer command. Let’s see how to install unbuffer on Alpine Linux.

In Utilities, Alpine Linux, Sep 08, 2022