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Warning: Redundant ignore_changes element in Terraform

Besides some new cool features introduced in Terraform v1.2.0 like precondition and postcondition check blocks – a new warning message was part of the release as well. While I was try...

In Terraform, Jun 17, 2022

Install SCP on Alpine Linux

SCP as a useful transfer tool can be easily installed on Alpine Linux. Let’s see the steps needed.

In SCP, Jun 16, 2022

'Argument or block definition required' error in Terraform

Continuing on my Terraform issues journey, I’m going to try to help you with resolving yet another common TF error:╷│ Error: Argument or block definition required││ on ...

In Terraform, Jun 15, 2022

Install Podman Compose on Alpine Linux

If you plan to deal with podman compose on Alpine Linux I will show you the installation part. The aim of this tutorial is to show you how to install Podman Compose on Alpine Linux.

In Podman, Jun 14, 2022

'Saved plan is stale' error in Terraform

Today I’m gonna show you a quick solution on how to resolve just another TF error:╷│ Error: Saved plan is stale│ │ The given plan file can no longer be applied because the state was c...

In Terraform, Jun 13, 2022

Install Podman on Alpine Linux

Podman, as a decent Docker replacement has support from the Alpine community repository and can be installed as a podman package. Let’s see how to install Podman on Alpine Linux.

In Podman, Jun 12, 2022

'Failed to load tfplan as a plan file zip: not a valid zip file' error in Terraform

If you have ever tried to terraform apply tfplan.txt with tfplan.txt being a plain text terraform plan command output file (or even, you’ll get the following error message:...

In Terraform, Jun 11, 2022

Install Rsync on Alpine Linux

How can you remotely sync or transfer files? Of course, rsync is here to help even if you want to include it within the Alpine docker container. Let’s see how to install Rsync on Alpi...

In Rsync, Jun 10, 2022

Terraform ./ script for AWS backend state

terraform init initialize the current Terraform working directory. I guess it does a lot under the hood which unfortunately won’t be the topic for today. Instead, I’ll share with you ...

In Terraform, AWS, Jun 09, 2022

Install jq on Alpine Linux

Yet another quick and easy jq installation on alpine linux. You can use it as a part of your Dockerfile as well.

In jq, Jun 08, 2022