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Install Ansible on Debian 12

Installing Ansible on the newly released Debian 12 is fairly easy. Let’s take a look.

In Ansible, Debian, Jul 11, 2023

Improve Nginx performance with worker_processes

worker_processes is a directive that determines the number of worker processes spawned by Nginx to handle incoming requests. Simply put, a single-threaded process with default value o...

In Nginx, Jul 10, 2023

Install Clang on Alpine Linux

Clang is a compiler suite developed by LLVM project. It supports multiple programming languages and is known for its focus on code quality, diagnostics, and static analysis capabiliti...

In Clang, Alpine Linux, Jul 09, 2023

git clone another repository from a Jenkins pipeline

There are some use cases where we need to reuse a config or multiple files from another Git repo in a Jenkins pipeline. As for the solution, here’s something you could try.

In Jenkins, Jul 08, 2023

Install gcc on Alpine Linux

GCC is a widely used compiler suite for compiling code written in languages such as C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Ada, and others. Let’s see how to install GCC on Alpine Linux.

In gcc, Alpine Linux, Jul 07, 2023

Cleanup workspace directory in Jenkins

Starting a CI job with a clean empty workspace directory ensures not having to deal with flaky tests in a way. Here’s how to do it.

In Jenkins, Jul 06, 2023

Install Awall on Alpine Linux

Awall as a lightweight Alpine firewall can help you in protecting your server and web application. Let’s install Awall on Alpine Linux.

In awall, Alpine Linux, Jul 05, 2023

About having both image and build as part of a Docker Compose file

If you haven’t asked yourself yet or if you don’t read docs as many others, what would happen if you specify both image and build as part of a Docker Compose file, here’s the catch.

In Docker, Jul 04, 2023

Install SQLite on Alpine Linux

If you need a SQL server that uses a simple file-based database that can be accessed directly by the application then SQLite is the choice for you. Let’s see how to install SQLite on ...

In SQLite, Alpine Linux, Jul 03, 2023

Multiple Docker Compose files with some overlap between them

Let’s say you have two Docker Compose files that needs to be up and running, however they have some overlapping services and configs. How does that work though?!

In Docker, Jul 02, 2023