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Jekyll, dynamic links and JSON data

Here’s a good starting point when trying to create dynamic links from JSON data with Jekyll, being one of the most popular blog static site generator written in Ruby.

In Jekyll, Mar 10, 2023

How to Install PHP Soap on Amazon Linux 2

Soap as an independent platform allows you to send and receive messages on the app level. It’s a kind of communication protocol that works on the application level and can be enabled ...

In AWS, Amazon Linux 2, Mar 09, 2023

Dockerizing a Go application

Dockerizing a Go(lang) application is kinda similar to what we did with the Python one.

In Docker, Mar 08, 2023

Install PHP 7.4 on Alpine Linux

Trying to set up PHP 7.4 on Alpine Linux can lead to the following error:ERROR: unable to select packages: php7 (no such package): required by: world[php7]This might get things co...

In PHP, Mar 07, 2023

Dockerizing a Python application

Python is still one of most popular high-level languages for writing APIs and various scripts to this day. And, if you are still not dockerizing everything I don’t know what are you w...

In Docker, Mar 06, 2023

PyPDF error 'PyCryptodome is required for AES algorithm'

The automation of encrypting PDF files or decrypting them can be achieved through the PyPDF Python library. You might face the following error: pypdf.errors.DependencyError: PyCryptod...

In Python, Mar 05, 2023

Docker 101: .dockerignore

A Dockerfile specifies the instructions for building a Docker image, which is essentially a packaged version of a software application along with its dependencies. However, when build...

In Docker, Mar 04, 2023

How to Install PHP Posix on Amazon Linux 2

The Posix extension is a very useful PHP extension in terms of monitoring your PHP processes, optimizing your code, etc. The function itself returns usage information about the curren...

In AWS, Amazon Linux 2, Mar 03, 2023

Dockerfile: RUN vs ENTRYPOINT vs CMD

We’ve all been trying our best to build the best possible, optimal Docker image out there. But, in order to do so, we need to understand and know the difference between one of most co...

In Docker, Mar 02, 2023

How to Install PHP Iconv on Amazon Linux 2

Using the PHP function iconv() allows you to convert a string to the requested character encoding. Usually, you need to install Iconv on Amazon Linux 2 if your PHP setup is using FPM ...

In AWS, Amazon Linux 2, Mar 01, 2023