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Install Zip And Unzip on Alpine Linux

Here I’m gonna show you how to install zip and unzip on alpine linux which is quite quick and easy :)

In Zip, Jun 06, 2022

'terraform plan' in plain text output (the right way)

Following up to the previous post terraform plan the right way with intentions to keep things simple and clean as possible, I’ll try to describe how to get a terraform plan plain text...

In Terraform, Jun 05, 2022

Install Terraform on Alpine Linux

As a small distro Alpine Linux doesn’t have huge support regarding the APK Alpine system manager package. So today I’ve decided to show you how to install Terraform on Alpine Linux.

In Terraform, Jun 04, 2022

'terraform plan' the right way

terraform plan assess the current TF configuration to decide whatever the desired state is up-to-date by comparing it with the current one, thus creating a so-called plan with all of ...

In Terraform, Jun 03, 2022

Install AWS CLI on Amazon Linux 2

Managing some of the AWS services through AWS CLI can be useful and practical, especially when you need to perform some quick actions like listing active resources or troubleshooting....

In AWS, Jun 02, 2022

'Invalid character' error in Terraform

Yet another Terraform error-related post. For any other Terraform-related issues, browse by category here.

In Terraform, Jun 01, 2022

Install Composer on Amazon Linux 2

Using PHP on Amazon Linux 2 can potentially require a composer installation for some libraries. Installing Composer on Amazon Linux 2 is a quick and easy procedure. Let’s see it.

In Composer, May 31, 2022

Find non-ASCII characters in Windows (Notepad++)

ASCII being a character encoding standard presents a part of UTF-8. PowerShell would be a great option here but for the sake of complexity I’ll show you how to do it in Notepad++ inst...

In Windows, May 30, 2022

Install Telnet on Amazon Linux 2

As a useful tool Telnet can help you to troubleshoot some connectivity problems, access specific port and also offers a lot of other useful stuff as well. The installation is simple a...

In Telnet, May 29, 2022

Find non-ASCII characters in MacOS

In these modern days, ASCII as a character encoding standard is a subset of UTF-8. As for the other OS-related posts refer to: Find non-ASCII characters in Linux Find non-ASCII char...

In MacOS, May 28, 2022