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Fix 'An error occurred (InvalidInstanceId) when calling the SendCommand operation: Instances not in a valid state for account'

If you try to SSH into the EC2 instance through SSM parameter or if you want to setup a RDS tunnel, you might get the following error: An error occurred (InvalidInstanceId) when calli...

In SSH, AWS, Amazon Linux 2, Nov 13, 2022

Git: top interview questions for DevOps

Preparing and passing technical DevOps interviews is a skill by itself. Although I didn’t encounter many Git-related questions since mostly the focus is put on the CI/CD cycle, there ...

In Git, Nov 12, 2022

Install PHP-FPM on Amazon Linux 2

Depending on your PHP version you can install FPM easily and configure it with Nginx to speed up your site performance. Let’s see how to install PHP-FPM on Amazon Linux 2.

In PHP, AWS, Amazon Linux 2, Nov 11, 2022

Git 101: log vs reflog

There are two commands you could use to list Git commit history including: git log and git reflog. For more details see How to list all commits in a Git repository. However, there mus...

In Git, Nov 11, 2022

Git: best practices to start with

Not trying to get you wrapped up in some advanced and confusing Git practices, so I want to share with you some best practices to start with that worked for me through the years as an...

In Git, Nov 10, 2022

Git: update commit before and after push

Updating commits whenever before or after push goes against the Git religion and I consider it as an anti-pattern. And, since we are people, and we make mistakes, we don’t want to emb...

In Git, Nov 09, 2022

Fix 'unable to select packages: nodejs-npm (no such package)' on Alpine Linux

If you try to install NPM on Alpine Linux through the nodejs-npm package it will throw the following error: ERROR: unable to select packages: nodejs-npm (no such package): required by...

In Alpine Linux, Nov 09, 2022

The right way to write Git commit messages

I think we’ve all been there writing one or few of the following Git commit messages: test, “new feature Y”, “Changed something”, “asdasd”, “minor update”, etc. You can tell nothing f...

In Git, Nov 08, 2022

Install Sshpass on Amazon Linux 2

With sshpass you can automate cron jobs and execute one-line commands to copy remote files to different systems or perform other actions. Here I want to show you how to install sshpas...

In Sshpass, AWS, Amazon Linux 2, Nov 07, 2022

Git 101: branching strategies

Essentially you need to come up with a good Git branch strategy as it’s often overlooked. There are few strategies you could pick off and call it a day but on a long run you might fac...

In Git, Nov 07, 2022