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Install gunzip on Alpine Linux

If gunzip it’s not available on your Alpine Linux system, the good thing is that you can install it using the package manager.

In gunzip, Alpine Linux, Jul 01, 2023

Start a particular service with one or few Docker Compose files

For development and debugging purposes sometimes we just need to start a particular service or a set of them. Here’s how is done.

In Docker, Jun 30, 2023

Install tar on Alpine Linux

If you get the following error: tar: package/min: not found in archive. It means that you need to install tar on Alpine Linux.

In tar, Alpine Linux, Jun 29, 2023

Overwrite image tags with Docker Compose

To overwrite the image tag specified in the Docker Compose file and use a different tag from the CLI, you can use environment variables or override the service configuration.

In Docker, Jun 28, 2023

Install OpenVPN Client on Alpine Linux

To establish a secure and encrypted connection to a remote server running an OpenVPN server, you need to have a OpenVPN client. Let’s see how to install OpenVPN Client on Alpine Linux.

In OpenVPN, Alpine Linux, Jun 27, 2023

Retrieve a single file with Git

Retrieving a single file from a Git repo it’s not possible …yet. However, there are few workarounds that could get the job done.

In Git, Jun 26, 2023

How to Install Redis on Ubuntu 23.04

Redis can be installed through the apt packages. Let’s see how to install Redis on Ubuntu 23.04.

In Redis, Jun 25, 2023

Changing workspace directory in Jenkins

In Jenkins, each stage in a pipeline is executed in a separate workspace directory. The workspace is a local directory on the Jenkins agent where the pipeline is running. Each stage c...

In Jenkins, Jun 24, 2023

How to Install Telnet on Ubuntu 23.04

Telnet can be installed quickly and easily on Ubuntu 23.04. Let’s proceed with the installation part.

In Telnet, Jun 23, 2023

Display current directory from the CLI

Trying to get the current working directory is a good starting point for debugging purposes at least whenever you are ssh-ed into a CI/CD server agent or likewise. So here’s the tip.

In Shell, Jun 22, 2023