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Find non-ASCII characters in MacOS

In these modern days, ASCII as a character encoding standard is a subset of UTF-8. As for the other OS-related posts refer to: Find non-ASCII characters in Linux Find non-ASCII char...

In MacOS, May 28, 2022

Install PHP 8.1 on Amazon Linux 2

If you want to hang out with the latest major update of PHP, then you should definitely try to install PHP 8.1 on Amazon Linux 2. Let’s do it.

In PHP, May 27, 2022

Find non-ASCII characters in Linux

ASCII as a character encoding standard that use numbers to represent characters. The original ASCII code range is 0 - 127 (7 bits) which represents the english character set including...

In Linux, May 26, 2022

Install Tar on Amazon Linux 2

Yet another free cool tool for archiving files, is tar. I’m gonna stick to the title itself and show you how to install tar on Amazon Linux 2.

In Tar, May 25, 2022

'Failed to install provider unsuccessful request to 403 forbidden' error in Terraform

On today’s menu we got yet another TF error to resolve. For any other Terraform-related issues, browse by category here.

In Terraform, May 24, 2022

Install Zip and Unzip on Amazon Linux 2

Although the usage of zip and unzip is very simple there is at least one moment in our life when we are forced to use them. It may happen when you are migrating a website or some data...

In Zip, May 23, 2022

'could not configure AzureCli Authorizer: could not parse Azure CLI version' error in Terraform

As I continue on my Terraform issues resolving journey, I wanna share yet another not quite common TF issue.

In Terraform, May 22, 2022

Fix VPN `Connection failed` after upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04

Since the Ubuntu 22.04 version has been released, there were a lot of rumors that there is a big improvement in terms of the Ubuntu style and features, so I decided to upgrade it. Aft...

In VPN, May 21, 2022

required_providers vs provider in Terraform

Terraform providers are TF plugins that abstract external APIs, mostly cloud provider APIs. These providers enable the user to easily manage their cloud environments by exposing resou...

In Terraform, May 20, 2022

Install Podman Compose on Ubuntu 22.04

As Podman is ramping up within the containers world, the need for Podman Compose is getting higher as well. Here I’m gonna show you three ways on how to install Podman Compose on Ubun...

In Podman, May 19, 2022