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Enable Google APIs with GCP and Terraform

Terraforming GCP projects from scratch could be a lot of hustle and bustle as you need to enable almost every freaking Google service (API) per project. That’s probably first and fore...

In GCP, Terraform, Jun 27, 2022

Install Fluent Bit on Amazon Linux 2

Same as fluentd and fluent bit doesn’t belong in the official Amazon Linux yum repositories as well. The installation will be pretty much the same through fluent bit shell script. So ...

In Fluent Bit, Jun 26, 2022

Grant Azure AD Admin Consent programatically (with Terraform)

Admin Consent by definition enables granting access to Azure-registered applications that requires admin approval in a secure way.

In Azure, Terraform, Jun 25, 2022

Install Fluentd on Amazon Linux 2

Fluentd is one of the most popular open-source projects, used for gathering logs from a set of sources and forwarding them to other monitoring software. Here I’m going to show you how...

In Fluentd, Jun 24, 2022

Escape PowerShell's double quotes in Terraform

To my Windows-PowerShell-Terraform-Azure users out there, I just wanna share a quick nugget on how to escape the annoying double quotes.

In Terraform, PowerShell, Jun 23, 2022

Install Exim on Alpine Linux

If there is a need for a simple and minimalistic mail transfer agent on Alpine then Exim is a decent choice. Let’s install Exim on Alpine Linux.

In Exim, Jun 22, 2022

random_password and multiple Terraform resource instances

random_password is a Terraform resource used for generating as the name suggests, random passwords which could be utilized for sensitive secrets initialization of other resources – us...

In Terraform, Jun 21, 2022

Install Git on Alpine Linux

Previously git was not included in the official alpine packages. As the new Alpine versions are released, there are improvements of course. So now git is a part of the Alpine packages...

In Git, Jun 20, 2022

'Invalid character encoding' error in Terraform

Another ez solution as part of the Terraform issue series. This time being the following one:╷│ Error: Invalid character encoding││ on line 1:│ 1: ��provider "aws" {...

In Terraform, Jun 19, 2022

Install PHP 8 on Alpine Linux

The PHP 8 installation on Alpine Linux can be achieved in a few steps. Let’s do it.

In PHP, Jun 18, 2022