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Get Azure AD Microsoft Graph API Delegated / Application permission IDs in Terraform

Getting Microsoft Graph API Delegated and Application permission IDs are definitely hard to find, if you are doing things right – the programmatic way.

In Terraform, Azure, Jul 31, 2022

Install HAProxy on Alpine Linux

Creating an isolated proxy microservice can be easily achieved with the Alpine Linux Docker image and HAProxy. It can act as both proxy container or load balancer depending on the nee...

In Proxy, Alpine Linux, Jul 30, 2022

User-assigned vs System-assigned Managed Identities in Azure

In one of the last Azure posts, I wrote about the differences between Service Principal and Managed Identities. Since there are two types of MIs – User-assigned and System-assigned, I...

In Azure, Jul 29, 2022

Install Ruby on Alpine Linux

Installing Ruby on Alpine Linux comes fairly quick and easy as it exists within the apk package manager. Let’s jump on the crux.

In Ruby, Alpine Linux, Jul 28, 2022

Service Principal vs Managed Identities in Azure

Two more arguably confusing identity objects in Azure AD – Service Principal and Managed Identities. Let’s tackle them down by defining what they are and how they distinguish from eac...

In Azure, Jul 27, 2022

How to fix Docker: unable to start container process: exec: '/bin/bash'

If you get this kind of error: docker: Error response from daemon: failed to create shim task: OCI runtime create failed: runc create failed: unable to start container process: exec: ...

In Docker, Jul 26, 2022

Build Docker image using custom Dockerfile

Working with multiple environments sometimes requires multiple Dockerfiles to some degree. For instance, a dev environment Docker image not necessary be in need of a multi-stage Docke...

In Docker, Jul 25, 2022

How to flush and clear Magento cache

If you are struggling to clear the Magento cache through the Magento UI then you should consider connecting to your server and flushing it through the terminal. Here I can show you ho...

In Ecommerce, Jul 24, 2022

App Registrations vs Enterprise Applications in Azure AD

There are two important things to differentiate when registering and working with apps in Azure AD: App Registrations and Enterprise Applications.

In Azure, Jul 23, 2022

Install Redis on Alpine Linux

Redis CLI is a part of the official Alpine apk packages, so it’s quick and easy to set it up. Here I’m going to show you how to install Redis CLI on Alpine Linux.

In Redis, Alpine Linux, Jul 22, 2022