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List remotes with git remote

Remotes as part of a Git repository point to the remote repo URLs. On your local machine these are known as origin. By default, each repo has a single remote, although in some scenari...

In Git, Sep 27, 2022

Install Python on Alpine Linux

Today I’m going to show you how to install python on alpine linux without using a python image. You can get into the Alpine terminal and install python3 and python3-pip directly.

In Python, Alpine Linux, Sep 26, 2022

Git HEAD vs head vs tip vs origin

Here’s few other core concepts around Git: HEAD, head, tip and origin. I’m going to break them down briefly as I did previously with the rest of the related posts shared at the end of...

In Git, Sep 25, 2022

Install Caddy on Arch Linux

One of the quickest ways to install Caddy on Arch Linux is using the caddy package. You all know that this site aims to show the quickest way, so let’s see the steps for installing Ca...

In Caddy, Arch Linux, Sep 24, 2022

Restore deleted files in Git

There are multiple ways you could recover files in Git. Before we explore them, here’s a list of related posts: The proper way to restore a deleted Git branch Restore a deleted Git ...

In Git, Sep 23, 2022

Install Caddy on CentOS 8

The procedure of installing Caddy Web Server on CentOS 8 is pretty much the same as on CentOS 7. Let’s jump on the installation part.

In Caddy, CentOS, Sep 22, 2022

Restore a deleted Git commit

As a part of Git restoring series, today we are going to look at how to restore a deleted Git commit. Without further ado follow the steps as described below.

In Git, Sep 21, 2022

Install Caddy on CentOS 7

If you need a scalable reverse proxy, powerful, and efficient static file server then try the caddy web server. It’s open source web server neatly crafted in Go. Today I’m going to sh...

In Caddy, CentOS, Sep 20, 2022

The proper way to restore a deleted Git branch

Personally, not a huge fan of switching between branches and complicating things as much as they need to. Therefore, the trunk-based development must be the most perfect Git branching...

In Git, Sep 19, 2022

Install curl on CentOS 9 Stream

If something is a must to have on your Linux machine then that’s curl. It’s the most used tool on Linux and the main purpose is to interact with protocols. It’s commonly used in scrip...

In Utilities, CentOS, Sep 18, 2022