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Check for read-only filesystem in Linux

In today’s post we are going to find out how to check for read-only filesystem in Linux from the CLI.

In Linux, Mar 29, 2022

Add HSTS in Nginx

Increasing the website performance and decreasing the server load can be achieved by HSTS. Enabling the HSTS security headers in Nginx will tell the browser to use https instead of ht...

In Nginx, Mar 28, 2022

Check last reboot time in Linux

In today’s post we are going to find out the last reboot time in Linux from the CLI.

In Linux, Mar 27, 2022

How to check Redis connection with Telnet

A lot of useful checks can be made with telnet in terms of connectivity, sending test emails, access to databases, etc. Telnet is an application protocol based on TCP and it can allow...

In Redis, Mar 26, 2022

Enable HTTP/2 for Azure App Service

HTTP/2 was released in 2015 (7 years ago) which is faster and more reliable than HTTP1. In this post I’m gonna show you how easy it can get to upgrade from HTTP1 to HTTP2 for Azure Ap...

In Azure, Mar 25, 2022

How to Kill Thread or Query in AWS RDS

Stoping some threads or queries that may appear in the deadlock queue or locked from the InnoDB engine on AWS RDS is a different thing than self-hosted MySQL or MariaDB. They can pote...

In RDS, Mar 24, 2022

Check system uptime in Linux MacOS and Windows from the Command Line

The following commands will help you find the system uptime for Linux, MacOS and Windows in the easiest way possible, from the command line.

In Linux, macOS, Windows, Mar 23, 2022

How to Enable Second Level Quota on OpenVZ

The second level quota, commonly used per-user and per-group is a virtualization thing that allows the VS admin to limit the amount of free disk space and potentially can restrict the...

In OpenVZ, Mar 22, 2022

Enable HTTPS redirection in Azure Functions

HTTPS redirection are quite common these days from security and SEO viewpoint. Today’s topic gonna be about how to enable the redirection in Azure Functions.

In Azure, Mar 21, 2022

Repair and Optimize MySQL Databases

In some of the previous posts, I’ve explained how to check if the mysql tables are corrupted. So this topic will shed some light on how to auto-repair and optimize all mysql databases...

In MYSQL, Mar 20, 2022