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How to execute commands inside Docker containers

Although it may seem like manually executing commands inside Docker containers could be considered as an anti-pattern, actually it might be useful for instance when debugging things i...

In Docker, Apr 08, 2022

Enable EPEL on Amazon Linux 2

Using EPEL package repository can be very beneficial. Epel contains all the common packages that you may want to install. Unfortunately, EPEL is disabled in Amazon Linux 2. Let’s see ...

In AWS, Apr 07, 2022

Configure Docker logging driver with Grafana Loki

Grafana Loki is a log aggregation tool inspired by Prometheus, or simply put Prometheus for logs. In this tutorial I’m gonna show you how to install and configure the Loki logging dri...

In Docker, Apr 06, 2022

Install VestaCP on Amazon Linux 2

Managing your AWS ec2 instance with VestaCP comes easier if you are not familiar with Linux. Here I’m gonna tell you how to install VestaCP on Amazon Linux 2.

In VestaCP, Apr 05, 2022

How to fix Docker's 'error while removing network <> has active endpoints'

In today’s post we are going to list a few solutions on how to deal with the following Docker network error: ERROR: error while removing network: network <> has active endpoints...

In Docker, Apr 04, 2022

Install VestaCP on Debian 11

Vesta is a free and open-source control panel based on php and bash. It’s a lightweight and easy to use control panel which can save you a lot of time and money especially if you are ...

In VestaCP, Apr 03, 2022

Install macOS software updates from the Terminal

Working on macOS usually requires a manual intervention when applying the latest software updates. This could easily be done from the Terminal, as shown below.

In macOS, Apr 02, 2022

How to Install GO on Amazon Linux 2

Installing GO on Amazon Linux 2 can be done within a few minutes since the GO exists in the default Amazon Linux 2 yum packages. Let’s dive into it.

In GO, Apr 01, 2022

Install Go on macOS from the Terminal

Go, also known as Golang is a popular open source programming language developed by Google and used for general purpose. Although the official macOS installation supports downloading ...

In Go, macOS, Mar 31, 2022

How to Install SQLite on Amazon Linux 2

SQLite is one of the best minimalistic, lightweight, and powerful SQL database managers. It can be suitable for every application which doesn’t use a complex database structure. So to...

In SQLite, Mar 30, 2022