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How to checkout Git Pull Requests

Checking out Git PR’s on your local machine it’s not so uncommon practice, especially if you wanna test things out before they are merged into the main branch or any other branch that...

In Git, Apr 18, 2022

Install Rsync on Amazon Linux 2

Sending files, and directories remotely can be achieved with a lot of utility tools. One of them is Rsync, which is a cool tool for remote transfer. Let’s see how to install it on Ama...

In Rsync, Apr 17, 2022

Resolve pip install error: Couldn't find a version that satisfies the requirement

There is a good reason you might stumble upon this post, so let’s see how can we resolve the following pip install some_package command error:ERROR: Could not find a version that sati...

In Python, Apr 16, 2022

Install Terragrunt on Amazon Linux 2

One of the best Terraform wrappers is Terragrunt so far. Terragrunt inherits a lot of useful commands and design structures from Terraform. Let’s see how to install Terragrunt on Amaz...

In Terragrunt, Apr 15, 2022

Install openfortivpn on Amazon Linux 2

openfortivpn is a really cool open-source VPN client tool. Let’s see how to install it on Amazon Linux 2 instance.

In VPN, Apr 14, 2022

Install HAProxy on Amazon Linux 2

HAProxy is one of the best free and open source software for using high availability load balancing and reverse proxy. It’s most suitable for HTTP and TCP based applications. Let’s se...

In HAProxy, Apr 13, 2022

Disable Redis persistence in Docker

Disabling Redis persistance in Docker could be a good thing tho, if you are hosting a development environment, running low on disks space and possibly can’t afford to scale. By defaul...

In Redis, Docker, Apr 12, 2022

How to Set Up SSH Keys on Amazon Linux 2

While creating Amazon Linux 2 instance through the AWS console, there is a step that will provide you with the EC2 key pairs to connect to your instance. But if you need to set up som...

In SSH, Apr 11, 2022

spawn, expect and send commands in Linux

spawn, expect and send commands are usually part of a SSH bash scripts. So, I’m gonna briefly explain them, starting with expect since the rest of them are part of it.

In Linux, Apr 10, 2022

Install NodeJS on Amazon Linux 2

Nodejs doesn’t exist in the default Amazon Linux 2 yum packages. So we should add the node official repo and use it for the installation. Let’s see how to install node js on Amazon Li...

In NodeJS, Apr 09, 2022