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How to limit number of rows in PostgreSQL

Limiting SQL queries is most likely a useful feature especially if you want to get a sample data chunk from a big table. The LIMIT clause in PostgreSQL is pretty much the same as the ...

In PostgreSQL, Feb 15, 2022

How to install DBeaver on Debian 11

Installing DBeaver on Debian 11 follows pretty much the same steps from Ubuntu 21.10. The two methods of installing are: snap package

In DBeaver, Debian, Feb 14, 2022

How to list sequences in PostgreSQL

Sequences in PostgreSQL are types of objects in a database that generates sequence of integers with specific requirements. Here are few ways to list them though.

In PostgreSQL, Feb 13, 2022

How to install DBeaver on Ubuntu 21.10

One of the great alternative for MySQL workbench is DBeaver. So instead of connecting only MySQL servers, DBeaver offers a lot of different database connections like PostgreSQL, SQLit...

In DBeaver, Ubuntu, Feb 12, 2022

How to list triggers in PostgreSQL

Triggers are types of stored procedures that run automatically whenever an event occurs, something like webhooks. And, a few ways to list them.

In PostgreSQL, Feb 11, 2022

AWS Error 1290 (HY000): The MySQL server is running with the --read-only

Using AWS Aurora auto-scaling will increase the resources to handle the workload and connections. So that way you can see a bunch of replicas that are taking care of the workload. Con...

In MySQL, Feb 10, 2022

How to list stored procedures in PostgreSQL

Stored procedures or simply put procedures are just SQL codes that can be saved for later use. There are few ways you could list them though, found below.

In PostgreSQL, Feb 09, 2022

Resolve couldn't connect to docker daemon at http+docker //localhost - is it running?

Using Docker with a non-root user can cause issues connected with the Docker daemon. The Docker daemon binds to a Unix socket, so the Docker client will try to communicate to the daem...

In Docker, Feb 08, 2022

How to list indexes in PostgreSQL

This week is all about listing things in PostgreSQL, and I’m going to start with indexes. Indexes are basically tables that points to data in other tables, therefore speeding up the q...

In PostgreSQL, Feb 07, 2022

How to install Apache on Amazon Linux 2

Once you have provisioned an AWS EC2 instance installing Apache on Amazon Linux 2 is a straightforward and easy process. Here I’m going to show you how to install Apache web server on...

In Apache, AWS, Amazon Linux 2, Feb 06, 2022