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How to restore an individual table in PostgreSQL

Backup and restore operations are convenient if we are working with small and medium-sized data. But, what happens when we need to restore a single table from a large database?! Most ...

In PostgreSQL, Feb 05, 2022

How to configure basic caching in Nginx

As the cache need grows for a big data applications, technology market offers a lot of different caching solutions. Today I want to show you how to set up basic caching and cache your...

In Nginx, Feb 04, 2022

How to fix 'type: geography does not exist' error in PostgreSQL

Restoring PostgreSQL databases could be sometimes tricky and most likely includes few errors. In today’s issue resolving series, we are going to deal with the following error: type: "...

In PostgreSQL, Feb 03, 2022

MySQL check for corrupted tables

Exporting and importing MySQL databases and tables sometimes can cause corruption. And, there are a lot of different reasons why the MySQL table can get corrupted. Here in this tutori...

In MySQL, Feb 02, 2022

How to fix Telnet SMTP 'must issue STARTTLS command first' error

If you have already been testing the Telnet’s GMAIL SMTP, you must have seen the following error:530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. - gsmtpThis means that you have didn’t ...

In SMTP, Telnet, Feb 01, 2022

How to remove frozen emails from the Exim mail queue

Messages or emails that are sent to a non-existent email account can sit in the mail queue and maybe cause issues or stuck the relevant ones. After some period of time, usually 7 or 8...

In SMTP, Jan 31, 2022

base64 encode and decode from the CLI

Base64 encoding and decoding has many use cases, but it’s important to understand that it’s different from encryption and decryption. While base64 encoding focuses on data usability, ...

In Encode/Decode, Jan 30, 2022

How to rotate screen position in Ubuntu through CLI

Nowadays as technology develops more and more, laptops are becoming more sophisticated. Most of today’s laptops offer a finger-sensitive screens, so you can manage to flip over the mo...

In Ubuntu, Jan 29, 2022

How to send emails via Telnet

Telnet could be very useful when testing SMTP servers for email delivery. Let’s explore the steps required in order to send emails successfully.

In SMTP, Telnet, Jan 28, 2022

How to install Terragrunt on CentOS 7

To simplify and structure the Terraform modules you can use Terragrunt as a wrapper. In this tutorial we are going to see how to install Terragrunt on CentOS 7.

In Terragrunt, CentOS, Jan 27, 2022