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GitHub hidden feature

There is a mind-blowing GitHub feature or if I can call it a “secret” that I’ve just discovered, and I need to share with you all.

In GitHub, Aug 19, 2021

How to install Docker on Debian 11

Finally, Debian 11 is released on August 14th, 2021, and this version is marked as a stable version. This tutorial will show you the steps on how to install Docker on a new fresh Debi...

In Docker, Debian, Aug 18, 2021

Missing sites-available directory in Nginx

As part of the Nginx series, in today’s tutorial, we are going to see on how to add that missing sites-available subdirectory. The reason behind this, is because most of us have been ...

In Nginx, Aug 17, 2021

How to disable SELinux

You may face Nginx or Apache web server blocking issues even when your firewall is disabled. SELinux is a security engine that may block some calls or permissions on your server. So, ...

In Linux, Aug 16, 2021

How to create and push empty Git commits

As a DevOps engineer, you must have heard at least something about GitOps. GitOps is a set of practices that allows to manage infrastructure and application configurations using Git a...

In Git, Aug 15, 2021

How to set up Nginx reverse proxy for your application

Using Nginx reverse proxy could be very useful, especially if you are developing an application with a framework that can run its own server like Node.js, Python, Ruby on Rails, etc. ...

In Nginx, Aug 14, 2021

How to block visitors by country in Nginx

In some of mine previous posts, I wrote about how you can whitelist IPs in Nginx. In today’s tutorial, we are going to see how can we block specific countries in a few steps.

In Nginx, Aug 13, 2021

How to install Podman on Ubuntu 20.04

If you try to install Podman on Ubuntu 20.04 with the default Ubuntu packages, the installation will fail with the following error: E: Unable to locate package podman. In this tutoria...

In Podman, Ubuntu, Aug 12, 2021

How to list, remove and upgrade PostgreSQL cluster

As part of the PostgreSQL series, in today’s tutorial, we are going to see on how can we list, remove and upgrade clusters, the easy way.

In PostgreSQL, Aug 11, 2021

How to install Podman on Amazon Linux 2

If you are looking for a Docker replacement then Podman is the right choice for you. The installation process is quick and easy. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to install...

In Podman, AWS, Amazon Linux 2, Aug 10, 2021