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How to fix Windows 11 'does not meet the requirements' error on VirtualBox

As with most of the new OS releases on macOS, Windows or Linux, my best practice is to test them first in a virtual environment, usually using VirtualBox. The reason you might stumble...

In Windows 11, Virtualization, Dec 17, 2021

Protect Elasticsearch stack from Apache Log4j vulnerability

As the Apache Log4j vulnerability is growing massively and its spread all over the internet a lot of worldwide companies are affected mostly on their Java-based applications. Elastics...

In Elasticsearch, Dec 16, 2021

Install Podman on Windows 10

The trick for installation and running Podman on Windows 10 follows the same idea as Install Docker on Windows 10 without Docker Desktop.

In Podman, Windows 10, Dec 15, 2021

How to check Apache Log4j vulnerability in Jenkins

There are a lot of open forums and discussions due to the Log4j zero-day flaw these days. Log4j is an open-source Java-based library developed by Apache Software Foundation, as it’s u...

In Jenkins, Apache Log4j2, Dec 14, 2021

Install Docker on Windows 10 without Docker Desktop

In today’s topic I’m going to cover on how to install and run Docker on Windows 10 without Docker Desktop. This means we’ll be using WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux).

In Docker, Windows 10, Dec 13, 2021

AWS|How to allow source IP addresses to access specific URL path using an Application Load Balancer

Most likely, if you use ECS as your application orchestration service it will require some basic knowledge to manage Application Load Balancers short ALBs. Essentially managing the ac...

In AWS, Dec 12, 2021

Access host network from inside of a Docker container

This might be a really weird or edge case scenario, but what If we need to access host service(s) from inside a Docker container. For instance, we already have configured and running ...

In Docker, Dec 11, 2021

How to install UFW on Amazon Linux 2

Maybe you will raise a question is it worth installing UFW on Amazon Linux 2. Some say that it’s enough to use the instance security groups but if you need some extra security on a se...

In Firewalls, AWS, Amazon Linux 2, Dec 10, 2021

Refreshing Terraform state

Refreshing Terraform state is done by adding the -refresh-only flag (since terraform refresh is deprecated) when running plan and apply operations. To start off, what does it mean, an...

In Terraform, Dec 09, 2021

How to install UFW on CentOS 7

Most of the RHEL Linux distros are coming with pre-installed firewalld as a default firewall. But if you are UFW fan and you don’t want to waste your time or resources on getting fami...

In Firewalls, CentOS, Dec 08, 2021